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M2Cloud is an experienced and innovative company in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. Most noteworthy, state-of-the-art tools with optimum precision and accuracy are used for in-house hardware design and development.

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Devices are aware | Location-based

Devices are environmentally aware and measure variables such as location, temperature and vibration so what you want to achieve influences your choice of Internet of things Device Hardware. M2Cloud has extensive experience integrating different types of connected devices with Cloud platforms so is ideally placed to provide an independent solution.

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Devices can communicate | Cloud computing

Device data sent to cloud-based services is processed into information that you want to access, providing your business with improved operational efficiency and offering transformative new insights. Internet of things information can be served using the web or mobile applications, and easily integrated into your own business systems.

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Devices can sense | Data analytics

Devices comprehend Internet of things data received from various types of sensors, may it be an analogue or digital sensor connected directly or attached with 1-WIRE. Using a single data line plus ground reference for communication, identification iButton devices like RFID, temperature, access control and many more can be connected.

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2G GPS TRACKER | M2C2026 & M2C2020

Compact and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and an integrated backup battery. Designed for Internet of Things light vehicle tracking in applications like insurance telematics, rental cars, recovery of stolen cars, public safety services, delivery transport, taxi and much more. Inputs/outputs extend device usage scenarios. The digital input can be used for ignition, door or alarm button status monitoring. Vehicle remote immobilising may be achieved using digital output.

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AIS140 IRNSS VLTD | M2C2030 & M2C4030

Available with both 2G & 4G compatible networks, the Automotive Industry Standard no. 140 (AIS 140) is a standard created by ARAI (Automobile Research Association of India) which specifies details about the GPS device and panic button that needs to be used in vehicle tracking systems. The government of India has mandated the installation of GPS devices and panic buttons in school buses and hence, adherence to the AIS 140 is a must when choosing the technology to be used.

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4G GPS TRACKER | M2C4026 & M2C4020

Small and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and an integrated backup battery. The 4G LTE technology offers much higher bandwidth, lower latency and improved spectrum efficiency. The model is compact, reliable, accurate and enduring supporting the Internet of Things. All the interfaces it has are more than enough for basic tracking. Digital Input can be used for ignition, door or alarm button status monitoring, while vehicle remote immobilising may be achieved by using the Digital Output of the device.

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Available with both 2G & 4G compatible networks, the system helps communicate with existing non-IoT battery management systems measuring to reduce or even eliminate these stress factors thereby enhancing battery lifetime. Real-time data collected from the vehicle and its surroundings play a critical role here. The recharging process harbours the risk that the battery cells permanently lose some of their capacity and performance. The industrial Internet of Things cloud services utilise this data to optimise every single recharging process.

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Thermosense 3010 is a wall mount digital thermometer used for detecting HIGH body temperature. Body temperature, inarguably, is one of the four main vital signs that must be measured and monitored in a person. Under typical conditions, an approximate inter-threshold zone of core temperature, 36.0°–37.5°C (or 96.8°–99.5°F), is considered normal. Anything exceeding 37.5°C (99.5°F) is considered a high temperature that requires medical attention. It is essential that each person is scanned for signs of infection

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Automotive 2-wheeler hardware and application-enabled Internet of Things with Bluetooth technology serve a seamless experience of riding and upkeep to the riders in unique ways. The introduction of “Bluetooth-enabled technology” aims to bring potential benefits through a host of safety and practical features to the riders. Park your bike wherever you like: the premium ‘Lock’ function offers additional protection against thieves. As soon as you disconnect the onboard computer, the eBike’s motor no longer provides support, making it unattractive for thieves.

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Furthermore, the machine-2-machine Internet of Things communication with various combinations of hardware designs is available to meet industrial and commercial applications. In addition, hardware comprises a microcontroller being the heart of the system incorporating the application requirement and other modular footprints.

The primary function of the device is to collect data from a machine or from its own environmental awareness. Therefore, the interface receives variable data on connecting to a smart machine and transmits using a wired or wireless connection. M2Cloud has mastered itself in the field of Internet of Things wireless communication design development using a GSM / GPRS network. M2Cloud has been successfully manufacturing its flagship product M2C2020 GPS vehicle tracking units to various system integrators for their application of the vehicle tracking system.

Furthermore, examples of the Internet of Things is a GPS vehicle tracking unit that is robust with an internal battery. Capable of handling voltages from 9VDC to 36VDC with ultra-low consumption of 40mA with smart power protection. The vehicle tracking unit supports multiple geofences along with real-time battery and tamper alerts.

M2Cloud has currently developed the next generation of GPS vehicle tracking unit M2C2030-AIS140, using its predecessor’s ruggedness and stability, the new vehicle tracking unit is capable of reporting to 3 servers supporting Over The Air Configuration (OTA) and Firmware Over The Air (FOTA). The design incorporates Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor for analysing driver behaviour on sudden acceleration and harsh braking. Especially, the unit’s enclosure is of lightweight polycarbonate material with low inflammability giving it the strength to withstand high temperatures, being ARAI IP67 certified the unit can be widely used in bikes, cars, trucks, and buses without the worry of dust and water damage.