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India’s 1st indigenous vehicle tracker with BLUETOOTH CONFIGURATION and diagnostic mobile application.

2G trackers are the logistics industry’s most common and widely used devices. From knowing where the vehicle has reached to immobilizing and recovering it during a theft. Apart from a standard track & trace function, these devices also support an input that can be connected to a Panic Button.

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Product Highlights

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GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO) vehicle tracking devices with an open protocol. The vehicle tracking device is designed to acquire live GPS location and transmit its data to a software platform. The vehicle tracking device is generally installed inside the dashboard of a vehicle and connected to the vehicle’s battery for its power requirement. Furthermore, the unit detects external parameters from its additional inputs and controls user actions with its outputs. Inputs can detect ignition on and off state, AC on and off state, door open and close status, seat belt latching status and many other such parameters. Outputs can control vehicle immobilizer, over-speed buzzer and other electrical triggers. Analog input is available for fuel and variable voltage measurements.


Supports eUICC & UICC eSIM Compliant


Supports 1-WIRE temperature sensor

Built-in Battery

The device comes with an inbuilt battery designed for a minimum voltage of 9VDC and a maximum of 45VDC for smooth operation and low power consumption for cars, trucks, and bikes additionally 100VDC for Electric Vehicles.

Environmental protection

The device is designed for continuous operation, the enclosure is made from polycarbonate material using fire retardant composites. Our device is IP67 designed and certified preventing it from dust and water ingress.


The device is eUICC / UICC / Embedded eSim compliant supporting multiple network profiles. Plastic SIM / removable SIM is also available. Devices can be customised to support Dual SIM for custom applications on order.

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Light tracking applications for cars & bikes


Heavy tracking application for trucks & buses


Electric vehicle & battery tracking application

Temperature Monitoring

M2C2026 & M2c2020 support a 1-WIRE temperature sensor for Refrigerated trucks.

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Overspeed Buzzer

M2C2020 supports Buzzers that can help in notifying over speed and capture the attention of drivers.

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RFID Reader

M2C2020 support a 125Khz RFID reader for the school bus and other ID-based transport applications.

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Tailor-Made for your project, Customised hardware and firmware

The vehicle tracking device M2C2020 has an additional RS232 port for serial communication. Serial ports are used in IoT applications for interfacing data ports of compatible machines. The serial port can be connected to an RFID reader for school bus application, wherein attendance of students can be live tracked during embarkation and disembarkation.

M2Cloud has also developed M2C2030-AIS140 compliant vehicle tracking device. The device features Accelerometer with Gyro Sensor for analyzing driver behaviour on sudden acceleration and harsh braking.