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Ever since the Nirbhaya case in Delhi in 2012, the government has taken a keen interest in the safety of passengers in public and commercial transportation. Many laws and proposals have been introduced to prevent such incidents from happening and to ensure the safety of commercial transportation. The AIS 140 is a key regulation that mandates all commercial vehicles to be fitted with GPS-tracking devices that enable continuous tracking and tracing.

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Based on guidelines published by MoRTH

We are happy to announce the certification of AIS 140 IRNSS Vehicle Tracking Device from ICAT. Ministry of Surface Transport (MoST) has constituted a permanent Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC) vide order No. RT-11028/11/97-MVL dated September 15, 1997. In addition, the standards prepared by AISC are approved by the permanent CMVR Technical Standing Committee (CTSC). Most noteworthy, Automotive Research Association of India, (ARAI), Pune, the secretariat of the AIS Committee, has published this AIS 140 standard. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) has globally proven to optimise transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort, and safety. Furthermore, realising the potential of ITS, Government in India is presently working towards AIS implementation across the country.


Mandated by the central Government under CMVR 125H


Vehicle location and tracking device with panic button

Dual Profile eSIM

Mandated with a Dual dual profile eSIM for uninterrupted communication to the server. A Dual eSIM is a soldered SIM on the PCB board ensuring higher heat resistance and tamperproof on board system.

Panic Button

Designed for women’s safety in public transport, an illuminated panic button connected to the device with a dedicated serial connection to ensure functional tamperproof alerts to the backend with regular health packets.

Dual IP

Redundant data connection to the backend server with dual IP support sends location tracking data to state server via primary IP where secondary IP is dedicated to Emergency Response System.

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Light tracking applications for cars & bikes


Heavy tracking application for trucks & buses


Electric vehicle & battery tracking application

Temperature Monitoring

Support a 1-WIRE temperature sensor for Refrigerated trucks transporting perishable goods.

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Overspeed Buzzer

Buzzers that can help in notifying over speed and capture the attention of drivers.

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RFID Reader

Support a 125Khz RFID reader for the school bus and other ID-based transport applications.

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Designed for women’s safety in public transport

The panic button is installed in each row of public transport for the convenience of the passenger to press in case of an emergency. When an alert is raised by pressing the Panic Button, a state response team attends to the call and dispatches the nearest Police Vehicle.

In case of an emergency state, (i.e. on pressing of Alert button), the device will shift to the SMS mode in case GPRS connectivity is not available. In such a case, the device will send the Alert message and tracking data through SMS mode. In absence of both GPRS and GSM networks and on pressing of Emergency Button, the system implementing the VLT function shall store the emergency Alert. Once the GPRS or GSM is available, this alert information shall be sent on high priority.

Passenger Car shall have 2 emergency buttons on each passenger row easily assessable by each of the passengers. There shall also be one dedicated emergency button for the driver.
Passenger Transport bus shall have emergency buttons at locations easily visible & assessable to all the passengers such as every 2 meters on both sides of the passenger seating area. For seats reserved for ladies, there shall be a dedicated panic button for each row.