Bluetooth GPS Tracker

Bluetooth GPS tracker for 2-wheelers is an advanced device designed to enhance 2-wheeler security and provide real-time location tracking. These trackers combine Bluetooth technology with GPS capabilities, offering a range of features to safeguard your 2-wheeler and streamline your rides. Using GPS technology, Bluetooth GPS tracker provides precise, real-time location updates on your smartphone through a dedicated app. This feature is crucial for monitoring your 2-wheeler’s whereabouts, whether you’re on a long ride or just parking it in a public area.

Bluetooth GPS tracker is compact and lightweight, designed for easy attachment to your 2-wheeler without adding bulk or altering the 2-wheeler’s aesthetics. Bluetooth GPS tracker comes with anti-theft alarms and notifications. If someone attempts to tamper with or move your bike, the tracker can send an alert to your phone, helping you act quickly. Bluetooth GPS tracker offer geofencing capabilities, allowing you to set up virtual boundaries. If your bike leaves the designated area, you receive an instant alert. This anti-theft alarm for the bike is a device that rings aloud if someone tries to steal it. This bike anti-theft system helps to alert you or nearby people about the danger of theft so that it can be prevented.

  • Find Me / Blink
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Immobilizer
  • Unlock with Pattern
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Theft Alarm
  • Crash alert
  • Park Location
  • Digital Inputs
  • Digital Output
  • FOTA & OTA
  • Built-in Battery
Better than the best

Real-time location and security through smartphone app

Bluetooth GPS tracker and application enabled with Bluetooth technology serve a seamless experience of riding and upkeep to the riders in unique ways. Bluetooth GPS tracker aims to bring potential benefits through a host of safety and practical features to the riders.

Owning a bike comes with some set of troubles including bike theft as the primary one. The same has increased the importance of using a bike security system nowadays. M2C3020 BLE eConnect is an innovative bike lock system featuring a smartphone-paired smart lock, anti-theft alarms, driving behaviour, GPS location data and crash alarm. Ble eConnect can be installed in all two-wheelers like motorcycles, scooters, e-bikes, e-rickshaw and other battery vehicles.

Park your bike wherever you like: the premium ‘Lock’ function offers additional protection against thieves. As soon as you disconnect the onboard computer, the eBike’s motor no longer provides support, making it unattractive for thieves. Detects movements and vibrations in case of theft and alerts you on your smartphone in no time.

bluetooth gps tracker
Find Me / Blink

To locate your bike press FIND ME, the bike responds to you with indicators flashing twice along with a sound when in Bluetooth range. Press BLINK and the bike responds to you with indicators flashing for 10 seconds silently.

Lock / Unlock

Press LOCK and the bike responds to you with indicators flashing for 1 time silently to confirm the action, your bike is now immobilized. UNLOCK your bike with the press of a button on the mobile application.

Unlock with Pattern

You can set a 4-sequence pattern code in the mobile application to unlock your bike using the bike’s indicator switch to unlock your bike manually in absence of your phone.

Park Location

To find your last parking location press PARK LOCATION, you now see an icon indicating the last known position of your bike on the map. The device being GPS enabled saves your travelled route.

Theft Alarm

While the bike is in the lock position by mobile application as it is now digitally immobilized, a theft attempt will generate a visual and audio alert by blinking indicators and blowing its horn.

Driver Behaviour

To find out your travel history, press the TRIP button on the mobile application. Then, select the desired date and time to see the travelled route with distance, battery voltage, sudden braking and harsh acceleration during the trip.

Bluetooth GPS Tracker

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